Saturday, July 31, 2010

One day at a time!

We're one week into treatment and have radiation and one chemo behind us! We have had good days, and bad ones, but are taking it one day at a time! We're still battling with the eating, and I have resigned myself to the fact that fancy smoothies and soups are not going to work. They upset Nana, and frustrate me, so we have settled on Supportan (an imported replacement meal) and Ensure, sprinkled in between with jelly and custard and perhaps some ice cream.  My biggest fear is that she will lose more weight, which is happening, not due to the cancer, but due to her not eating.

She has handled the treatment remarkably well, with not too many of the horrible side-effects.  I know its early days still, and things could become more difficult, but we will deal with that one day at a time!

I find my days are consumed with work, meds, feeding, cleaning ... on the go with not much time for anything else. I have looked forward to this week-end. I have enjoyed just being at home and not having to think about going anywhere, not even to the shops!  Stacey has gone to the Durban July and called just now to say that the hospitality tent they're in is awsome, with the most amazing food and atmosphere.  I'm glad she got to go!  Our home has turned upside down, and she needs some time-out! P has gone to friends to watch his beloved Sharks play in a rugby match,the sky has clouded over and it's looking pretty dull outside! Looking forward to a steaming bowl of tomato soup for supper!

A couple of weeks ago, P and I went on a little outing with some friends! We gathered a group together and went for a trip on the new Gautrain!  The first of its kind in SA and what a super experience.  I do hope they continue to build on it and get the public transport system going. We found that the security was good, it was well organised and we got to Rhodesfield Station (close to the airport) in 12 minutes - hello! That's a good saving of 45 minutes at least!  We ended the afternoon with a quick bite to eat before heading on home!

Finally - the our closest to the tube! We do go underground for a little while!

Mind the yellow lines ...

Isn't she a beauty?


Hayley said...

I agree, try to take it one day at a time...thinking of you!

Isnt the Gautrain AMAZING!!!!

Marcelle said...

Thinking of your mom during this time....

We so used to the trains here in Germany ~ the Ice train being fastest around....but sure when I see the SA version I too will be excited.

Take care.

Avril said...

Isn't the train amazing !! I went with J and the boys during the holidays.
Have been fiddling with my new blog - changes and challenges ! .. so haven't got a feeder/reader 'thing' yet connected to it - have to go onto my old 'blogger' to see the latest feed so only saw your posts now.
Oh Janet, you must be exhausted but hang in there, you have to be strong. Two weeks ago I had breakfast (to celebrate my friend's birthday) and her neighbour and her mom joined us. Two of the most positive sparkling women I have ever met - they are both cancer sufferers. Mom had cancer a few years, beat it, was in remission and got it again. Really battled for a while but is now in remission again. (She comes to the keep fit class I go to on a Friday). Daughter also, several bouts of cancer treatments over the years and has just finished another lot. You would never say so - sparkling personalities and bubbly women. Inspirational to be with them.
Hang in there - you are such a comfort to your mom.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom

Love Bears All Things said...

I've never lived where there was public transit except in Pittsburgh..I rode it downtown and it was so nice not to have to drive or find parking...elsewhere they have some bus systems but isn't available in most areas...I would like to see this come back as there is just too much traffic these days...Daughter and I were talking about car pools yesterday.
I know it is hard, being the caregiver with everything else you are called on to Mother who normally weighed about 115-125 most of her life, got down to around 70 pounds before she died...we were able to give her only soft and smooth foods. Sometimes she would ask for something else and could chew it for a while to get the flavor but not swallow...I understand your Mom's problem is lack of appetite and nausea...I hope they are giving her something for it...Hang in there and make time for yourself and for you & your husband.
Mama Bear

Jeanette said...

Thinking of you and your mom.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Your ethos is exactly spot on. One step at a time...just stick at each hurdle at a time. :)

Firefly said...

I am glad to hear that you are hanging in there.

I would love to try and get a trip in on the Gautrain as soon as I am in Jhb with some time on my hands. Not a lot of time needed from the look of it.

Judith said...

Hi Janet I have missed you on blogland but appreciate the tremdenous task which is now your at the moment. Caregivers are never really fully recognized and supported for the emotional rollercoaster which you ride each day. Yes, One day at a time, is a good moto to live by because that all each of us is given..even though we are only friends on blogland please be assured on my thoughts and prayers for you and your family at this time. lots of love, Judith

Corey~living and loving said...

Thinking of you and your mom. I miss you! I do hope you take good care of yourself as well.

Riley Kai said...

My heart just bleeds for you! I remember all to well the frustration in watching my mom not eat! Its so hard to watch! Just remember that the treatments wont last forever. My mom loved to remind me that it was her body, not mine:-) Try to be the best support you can for her! Thinking of you and praying for you daily!!!