Thursday, April 8, 2010

Family Days to Remember!

The local Easter Egg picnic is an event started by one of my book club friends Father, many years ago, and is a tradition her and her family keep annually! We have been invited before, but this was the first time we could make it, and what fun we had.

The picnic is held at our local park, Golden Harvest. It is a lovely spot and we were really surprised to see how big it was, and how the whole atmosphere lent itself to being miles away from the city. It felt as though we were in the country. We were able to relax, switch off and have a really good time.
The highlight of the day is the Easter Egg competition! There are different categories and prizes for everyone! Karen invited a group of ladies who were picnicing next to us as the judges. They were wonderful - they picked up each egg, took note of the effort and the age-group, and I think they did a fabulous job of selecting the best eggs as the prize-winners!

I loved watching the anticipation on the children's faces, as they watched, hoping and praying that their's was going to be a winning egg!

I loved Mr and Mrs Egg! Their expressions were a treat! There was a penguin and a spider and an "Egganic Market"! There was a beer mug and a monkey, a Faberge egg and a hot air balloon! The ideas were amazing and SO much effort went into each and every one!

Now, how's this for an Easter Bonnet! LOL!

Ha! And this little man was only born on Monday - 6 days old and he was out at his first picnic! He had two older sisters who doted on him! He never uttered a sound - the sweetest little thing, as good as gold!

It didn't take the bigger boys long and they were kicking a ball around, playing a serious game of soccer, appreciating plenty of tips from the older guys!

We had a lovely day! One of those family days to remember - to put in those memory banks and bring out from time to time. I do believe that the happiest moments in life, are those shared in the bosom of family and friends.


Marcelle said...

What a wonderful way to spend the little baby...wife and hubby eggs sure are good and very creative...boys and a ball!!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Sounds like so much FUN!!!

Firefly said...

What a fun event. Sounds like a good idea for a big bunch of friends.

pam said...

That new baby looks like a sweet! I love your Easter picnic, very fun.