Friday, April 9, 2010


Something’s in the air, everywhere I look around! Something’s in the air, every sight and every sound! Not only is it cooler in the mornings, but its rather chilly at night too – that kind of chilly that makes me wrap up in a warm shawl, and snuggle up into my fluffy gown and blue slippers.

The trees are turning gentle shades of burnt orange and red – turning from soft green to the crisp, crackle of crunching beneath my feet.

I have this sudden desire to put comfort food on the table! Steaming bowl of mushroom soup with a creamy swirl of hot, tobasco or my chicken pie with its crisp, golden pastry steaming hot and so very good! Lamb stew with delicious dumplings and the sweetness of young carrots!

Cuddling up on the sofa with my latest book from book club – Marley and Me with a white chocolate Easter egg gently melting in my warm mouth, listening to Holly swish her tail on the wooden floor

Waking up at 5 am, wrapping up warm and padding to the bathroom. Turning on that hot shower – steaming bathrooms with white towels and the fragrance of rose and chamomile!

Quickly brought back to earth with a cold, wet car and slippery roads! Cool offices because air conditioners haven’t been correctly adjusted!

But mmmm! I kind of like autumn!

What’s your favourite season?


Shaun said...

I totally agree with everything you have posted ! I might even try the Marly & Me.
I can't wait to try that chicken pie too :-)
Have an awesome day !!!!!!

Marcelle said...

Summer without a thought is my favorite...

Gena @ Thinking Aloud said...

Hi Janet - Such a lovely post ... love your descriptions ... and as for the food ... hmmm... I think I'm hungry, good thing it's lunchtime!! hehe!!!

My favorite is Spring .... but I must say becasue of photography I 've learnt to enjoy all the seasons for the different colours, textures, tones, light, etc.etc.

have a lovely weekend!!!!
Gena @ Thinking Aloud
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Avril said...

Difficult one this - I love the autumn too with all the changing colours and slight drop in temperature but I also love spring when the days gets warmer after the winter and all the new growth appears. Carefree days of summer are lovely except when the temperature rises too high. Comfort food sounds good and flavoursome for now and in the coming months!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I still find it odd that your're experiencing autumn and UK spring!

Love Bears All Things said...

Its my favorite season, too. Thanks for painting such a pretty picture with your words.

We listened to that book on tape a couple of years ago.
Mama Bear

pam said...

Fall is my favourite as well, but right now I am loving spring:)

We are going to have a warm, dry spring and summer they say...I can't wait! Last summer was cool and wet, so we are due.

Firefly said...

I just thought the same thing this moning. You can smell autumn in the morning air. I love each season for a different reason, but autumn is probably my fav