Monday, March 15, 2010

Cliff Richard and The Shadows!

We took two vehicles up to The Dome at 3 on Sunday afternoon so that we could find a good picnic spot! Stacey dropped us back there at 5.30 and the games began!

We set the tables, brought out the camping chairs, and had 702's Golden Oldie programme playing - no Cliff yet!  What a feast ... with good friends, some nice wine ... and warm, clear weather, it was the start of a perfect evening!

As the audience starting arriving, we were met with big smiles and banter as they walked by - some even stopped and told us we were very clever and they wish they'd thought of having a picnic before the show!

Roger, used to play in a band in Zimbabwe when he was young - inspired by The Shadows and came down especially for the 50th Anniversary concert!

Soon the sun  down and it was time to go inside!  They didn't disappoint!  From the minute Cliff came onto stage wearing his shocking pink jacket and tie, from Lucky Lips to Summer Holiday, from The Shadows performance of Apache and many others, their cheerful chatter between each other - it was awsome!  No-one was disappointed  Except that we were not allowed to take cameras inside! P tried to take some with his mobile, but they're  honestly not going to do Cliff any justice! LOL! He looks amazing and still has so much energy - in fact they all do!

All too soon, they were back on for their encore and it was time to go home!  But not before settlng back into our old spot to chat about how mch we enjoyed the show and also for P to help the happy car guards direct the traffic!

One of those nights to remember - it will probably be the last time they perform together ever - it was also the final performance of their tour!  We were lucky to be there!


Rebecca Louise. said...

That honestly sounds like the most fun and perfect afternoon/evening! :)

Firefly said...

Looks like you had a very good night as well as a thoroughly well planned and executed pre event on your side.

pam said...

What a fun time, love your picnic.

diane said...

I saw him in Brisbane a few nights before. I couldn't get over how energetic and fit they all were. Great show.