Wednesday, December 23, 2009

LOL!  We had such fun in the office today!  Secret Santa came to visit and he was so funny!  We started off with a lovely champagne breakfast!  He was more like a naughty elf than a jolly old man and had us in stitches!  Thank you Michael for being such a sport!

Santa just knew how much I need to add some characters to my Fairy Garden and he obliged with a lovely pair of fairies.  I do love the way the little male fairy has his hands on his knees and having a good look around ...

... I bet he's looking for naughty boys and girls!  P, I hope you've been behaving yourself!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Too adorable! Love the fairies..a while back I collected them but you just cant collect everything.

or so my family tells me ;)

happy ww!

Jeanette said...

Love the little fairies, and LOL at Santa

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm catching up on Your last few posts.
That Santa does look like he'd be a hoot. I love the Fairies.
The house in the 3rd post down looks like a hobbit house. An unusual looking Christmas tree.
I hope you're enjoying the eve of Christmas and will have your family home tomorrow.
Merry Christmas
Mama Bear

Marcelle said...

You had sooooooo much fun I can see from the photo's!!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Send that cheeky secret santa over here haha! It looks so much fun and SUNNY!!!