Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday's Travels - Girls Week-end!

... By Friday afternoon, we were packed and ready for our visit to the "Bush Veld" - can you believe we had so much luggage for two days! I must say Gill is a very good packer! We set off on our trip with much giggling and excitement. It took us about 3 hours to get there, which was a little longer than expected, but we did hit some rather heavy rain and had to drive on a gravel road for quite a few km's. Thank you Gill for getting us there safely!
We welcomed by Johan, Joekie and their sons with a beautiful bonfire and then were given a lecture on safety in the bush! The first thing I did was take off my sandals and put on a pair of "tackies" (sneakers) as I wasn't keen on having creepy crawlies attack my toes! We were told to walk carefully and to look out for snakes (yes, puff adders lie under the sand and you can't always see them!)
A hearty meal of bbq'd chicken kebabs with peanut sauce, t-bone steaks, salad and "pap". We were treated like royalty ...
... it didn't take long for the girls to start chatting and having cocktails!
Hazel, Debbie and Morag!
After spending some time in the warm jacuzzi and singing to our hearts content, the boys took us on a route march through the bush to lock the gate!

Our log cabins were so sweet! Clean and comfortable! I slept on a bunk bed. Haven't done THAT in a long time! I was worried about waking up in the night and forgetting I was up there! Thank goodness I remembered and didn't fall off!

Our bathrooms were outside and we had a "bush shower"! It felt rather strange not being able to close all doors when showering and the water was cold! It took my breath away, but it was very pretty! And very private despite being open on the one side!

This is the view from the shower!

On Saturday morning we went for a lovely, long walk! What a lovely experience. We saw so many things! A python hole (luckily the python was nowhere to be seen!) some old graves, dating back to the 1800's, a little bushbaby at the top of a tree and quite a lot of buck "spoor" (tracks) but I think we made too much noise with our chattering and they all ran away! There are no wild animals on the farm, so it is quite safe to walk around.

We had a lovely week-end! It was relaxing and good to get to know everyone. Bear in mind we are book club chums! We do not socialise out of book club and it was the first time we had gone away together. I think firm friendships were formed, and we're looking forward to doing this again next year!

All of us!


Marcelle said...

I had this homesick flush come over my body now reading this and looking at all your photo's...this is what I miss so much with living here...the hot weather and FRIENDS!!!!!!!
Cant tell you how lonely it is here - am so grateful for people like you on blogland who keep me going daily, if I've never thanked you...I am now!!

Firefly said...

That sounds like quite an outing. I like anything that means you end up in the buch with food being cooked over the fire. Awesome!

Love Bears All Things said...

Wow, that was an experience. I know you had fun.
I was just looking at the all the 'stuff' you packed and remembering: A couple of weeks ago when daughter and I went to conference. We had invited another gal to ride with us but she declined. It was a good thing because there would have been no where for her to sit. And we went in my van. In all fairness, we did take all of the Cultural Arts entries for our county and they did take up room. But it is amazing what 2 women can take for a 2 night get away.
Mama Bear

Avril said...

Looks like you had loads of fun!!! Love the view from the shower - open bushveld .. can almost smell it!!

Rebecca Louise. said...

It just all sounded wonderful - enough to make me very jealous! x

pam said...

I love the view from the shower. What a lovely spot!! I was expecting a large animal to emerge in the next photo!!