Monday, November 2, 2009

Creepy Guests!

Halloween in the bush was ... different! There were no cute lambs, or little fish, no witches or goblins or smiling pumpkings but we did have ....

... a "songololo" - a millipede (1000 legs) with a hard, shiny exterior that rolls into a coil if it gets a fright! I got a fright when I saw this one - it was longer than my foot! They're usually only about 8 or 9 cm long. Just show's you how the bush makes you grow!

... we also had Mr Frog - he was quite big too and he didn't mind having his photograph taken! He had quite a big voice too! :)

We found this strange dolls head, perched in a thorn bush! That was kind of weird I must say! I wonder who put it there and what it meant? Probably some local kids, playing around!

...and of course we had the moon! Can you see the bats that the clouds have made? Or is it just my imagination?

... is this my imagination too? I can see a werewolf head!

Hahahaha! Ah! Hahahahaha!
(photos of moon taken at Midnight on the 31st)


Firefly said...

I've never seen a shogololo that long. Must have been something. And the doll's head on the torn is funny, specially seeing it was Halloween.

Marcelle said...

I hate creepy crawlies...LOL.
Good sky on Halloween's night....
Hope you had a great break away.xx

Riley Kai said...

The pictures of the moon are amazing! Looks like it was from a scary movie:-) I had no idea that Halloween was not celebrated there! Of course, Americans go overboard on EVERYTHING! Lol! I actually enjoy the actual History behind Halloween, it is such an ancient celebration! Thanks for sharing your pics! You always make me wish I could visit!

Avril said...

We used to get those fat long shongololos in Matabeleland - Zimbabwe when we lived there. Great halloween moon shots - weird dolls head .. kind of creepy!!
What is it about sore necks at the moment .. mine is giving me a problem too ... and so is Jeanette's !

pam said...

Very spooky Halloween pics. I hate frogs and the other creepy crawly too!! Very cool pictures of the moon!!

nickysnews said...

Oooo looks to much like spider city out there ... I could not relax, seriously, especially that shower :)
Well Done Jan, is all I can say

Tricia said...

Looks like you had a great time. Fun pictures!