Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lunch in the South!

Rosettenville is in Johannesburg’s DEEP South! It is probably best known for the fact that the very first Nando’s chicken, (well known for their lemon and herb, or peri-peri chicken), appeared there 1987 and the shop is still going! (It now operates in 26 countries and on 5 continents!) It is also notorious for its gangs and is the place were Reggae musician Lucky Dube was killed.

We have been visiting Churrasqueira, a Portuguese Seafood Restaurant, on the main road in Rosettenville for many years, and it is one of my favourites! It is quite a long drive and totally out of our way, but the food is of excellent quality and it can be quite vibey! Especially when there is soccer/football game on and the local Portuguese guys come to watch their favourite team play! Their prices are very reasonable (have a look at the menu and divide by 7.4 my USA readers!) From their “Alletenjano” (chourizo stew with green peppers, olives, garlic red wine) to their delicious Queen prawns, grilled to perfection – you cannot go wrong with any choice!

We decided to take my cousins, aunt and uncle there on Sunday – and we had quite a ball!

P booked our table out on the verandah upstairs so that we could look out over the whole of Rosettenville. It was quite entertaining I might add. I thought I would share some photographs of our special day!

Prawns, grilled perfectly with fresh lemon and heaps of garlic!

View down Main Street, Rosettenville

Pink Sky at night - just as the sun was setting and we were enjoying another sundowner!

I loved this picture of Ponte, with the sun reflected on the glass!  Ponte are city apartments in the heart of Hillbrow (which is like the Bronx).  These apartments have a notorious history and a bad reputation for being the hang-out of Nigerian drug-lords.  I do believ they have started renovating them, but honestly,
I wouldn't take a chance to go and see!

View down Main Street at night.  I quite liked the effect of the blue light!

The original Nando's at night!  It is abuzz with people all popping in for some hot chicken and chips, to
fill empty tummies after a day on the town!


Marcelle said...

I love and miss Nando's....its the one place you can get healthy take aways....

Firefly said...

Friends of mine moved to Vancouver about 7 years ago and one of the things that made them the most excited was the fact that there is a Nando's somewhere around there.

Avril said...

Great photos!! Have heard about this restaurant - hubby's been from the office (he works in town) but I've never experienced it - prawns look yummy! He must take me one day !!

Rebecca Louise. said...


pam said...

Looks like a great, fun place to eat!!