Thursday, November 19, 2009

A bit of this and that!

I am so bored with my blog and the way it looks. I need a serious change. I am going to be on leave for a week, starting Monday, so am going to give some thought as to how I am going to change it. For now, uh! Don't like, but its a change!

It's cold today - raining, which is perfectly normal for this time of the year and I DON'T mind the rain, but its bitter outside! Last night we were back into winter jarmies and hot water bottles. P even put the heater on, and that he never does unless its really cold! We normally have boiling temperatures by now. This is crazy! MIL says it was so windy in Port Elizabeth on the week-end she had to rush out and put stakes in her garden to stop her plants from blowing over!! My mum says its icy in Durban and THAT's unusual - it should be hot and humid! Global warming? I think it's coming quicker than we think!

It's our year -end function tonight. I can't believe its been a year since our Rock 'N Roll party at Cabanga! We are going to "Back of the Moon" at Gold Reef City. I haven't been there before, but believe it's very nice. I have not decided what I am going to wear yet, as its so jolly cold, my really smart clothes won't be warm enough!

Oh! And in closing - is there anywhere someone can buy common sense? And I am not saying another word about it! :(


Anonymous said...

Are you feeling better? I know what you mean about the layout of blogs!! I'm forever changing mine - look at some of the free backgrounds at - Have a good holiday next week, take care, Judyx

Anonymous said...

ooppss it should be -


Marcelle said...

I change my blog's look all the time, with how I'm feeling or the season I'm in...The link Judith has given you is the link I much choice there.

I see CT is hot at the moment, finally after weeks and weeks of colder weather.
Very unusual weather for this time of the year that the rest of SA is experiencing...

Enjoy your time off.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Hope you have a good time away. And a good end-of-year function. We're using hot water bottles here too - my favourite is called 'Toastie'. (We have a custom here of giving our hot water bottles names - do you?)

Hope the cards arrive soon!

Firefly said...

We have had the weirdest weather here in Port Elizabeth. Lots of wind, hot days followed by cold days and add to that the fact that we need lots of rain and its not coming.

Now where is that number for the common sense shop again?

ps. I've noticed at home that mu blogs takes a little longer to load than normal and sometimes get stuck. Nothing has changed (not even the background), so I hope it will blow over.

Rebecca Louise. said...

It might be time for a change. I feel like that about my blog sometimes. Just make sure it is 'you' :)

Hope the weather picks up. x

pam said...

I love our comment about common sense...most don't posses any do they?

I was excited to see a follower widget...can't wait to see what you come up with!