Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Restaurant with a difference!

The Carnivore Restaurant is situated close to the Cradle of Humankind and overlooks the Krugersdorp Hills.  It's magnificent thatched entrance is flanked by a beautiful water feature, with the relaxing sound of running water lending to a perfect African atmosphere!  The passage leading into the restaurant, has statues of all the famous Black African leaders with their story - famous men like Shaka Zulu, Dingaan and not forgetting our most special of all, Nelson Mandela.

As you walk down the long, flight of stairs, you see a massive, cirular open fire, with tribal spears holding a variety of meat like pork, lamb, chicken as well as a variety of wild meat, giraffe, impala, ostrich!  All "braaing" (bbq) gently, waiting for you to start your culinary journey!  This is NOT the right place if you're a vegetarian! (Although their unusual vegetarian menu can't be ignored!)

As you settle down, the waiter brings a hot cloth to wipe your hands.  The meal starts with a steaming bowl of vegetable soup and warm, honey bread.  The waiter then brings a "lazy Susan" with six salads and sauces to accompany your meat.  A cast iron "potjie" pot is placed in the middle, which if filled with "phutu pap" - a stiff porridge made from meal and served with a tomato and onion gravy.  You could also have a baked potato with sour cream!

Then the games begin as the waiters come in their droves, with loins of meat on the spears!  And it's eat until you put your South African flag down!  They come back, and back.  The trick, says P, is not to eat too much of the "ordinary" stuff, but to wait for them to bring your game meat.  The night we took our foreign friends from Belgium and the UK we had Kudu meat balls, Wildebeest (similar to a Gnu), blesbok, crocodile and zebra.  Once you admit defeat, there are 10 assorted desserts to choose from!

Michel and Veronique from Belgium had a wonderful time.  They had heard about this place from their daughter who we had taken there on her first visit to South Africa.  Of course we had to have an apple sours for Laura-Anne with her parents, and who other than Stacey to arrange it for us!

The Carnivore Restaurant is unique and is fashioned on the original in Nairobi, Kenya.  I forgot to mention their famous Dawa which means (in Kiswahili) medicine!!  Its a vodka based drink with honey, sugar and lime.  You stir it up with a stick until its sweet / sour enough!  Very yummy!

Our guests had a wonderful time and will always remember Carnivore as part of their unique and exciting African adventure!

Even the hippo's are friendly! :)


Corey~living and loving said...

goodness that sounds interesting. I would totally overeat, and then be mad at myself about it. LOL

Annie said...

I went to Carnivores years ago. Seeing that I don't eat red meat I found the experience very "traumatic". LOL It was really difficult to enjoy the vegetarian food(which btw was devine) while a waiter is putting a spear full of meat over your shoulder all the time to serve your neighbour. Have to admit that it is an experience though!

Firefly said...

I've heard of it as well. Sounds like a very unique place to take foreign visitors.

pam said...

I think I would admit defeat early, just to get to the desserts. I love this kind of place, so much fun!