Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Back!

It's been a while, but I'm back after a successful conference and a VERY busy week!

Last week saw P being inducted as the National President for 41 Club South Africa.  The week-end was held at Heia Safari Lodge and was a huge success.  It started off on Friday afternoon, with registrants coming from all over the world!  We held a "Meet and Greet" on Friday night, where old friendships were rekindled and lots of new ones made!  On Saturday morning, the men held their AGM, while I entertained the ladies in the Boma!  I had someone come in and do their nails, and also had some ladies from the Mangwanani African Day Spa do massages.  It was a relaxing and quiet morning and the ladies all enjoyed it very much!

Saturday evening saw the Induction dinner.  P was lucky enough to be inducted by the International President, Mr John Bellwood, who come from the Royal Forest of Dean in the UK.

The theme was "A Walk on the Wild side" - I tried to keep the table decorations simple in keeping with the them!  I thought they were quite pretty!  Thank you Dee for doing them for me!

Philip with John Bellwood just after he was inducted!

Making his first official speech as President!

P and I ! 

The "First Family"!

We were lucky enough to have our daughters and P's parents share the special evening!  These are my inlaws, Cliff and Beryl!

Our first dance!

Philip and the YAPS (Young Ambassadors) who visited us from Belgium, Austria and Copenhagen

Les and I

It was a really great week-end and now the hard work starts.  P has lots of ideas and is looking forward to his year.  Part of his duties will be to visit Finland in April to represent our country at the International Conference.  I will be going with him and am looking forward to our overseas trip - it's been a long time!


Corey~living and loving said...

so wonderful to see what you have been up to. :) I've missed you. :)

so tell me more about this 41 thing. lol can't remember what you called it, and this comment page doesn't let me see your post. forgive my tired forgetful brain. regardless of what it's called, I'm interested in what it is. :)

Shaun said...

Welcome back !

Very interesting post. Finland in April . . . . sounds awesome ! Very lucky !!!!

HaPpY MoNdAy !!!!!

Firefly said...

Congrats to Mr P on his induction. Now that you are the first lady, are we supposed to call you "Lady J"?

pam said...

Congrats to P!

Looks like a wonderful way to kick off the year, the party looks beautiful. Although I do not know what 41 does. I will have to google.

Good to have you back.

Janet said...

41 Club is an international club, an Association of Ex Round Tablers who are "retired" at 40. Round Table is a service club, similar to Lions and Rotary only is for YOUNG men (aged 18 to 40). When they reach 40, the are retired and can join 41 Club. Their motto is "May the hinges of friendship nver rust. May the chains of fellowship that bind us together remain unbroken!" Although they do not get as involved in charity works at the Round Tablers do, they are a source of support and help to the youngsters and enjoy a healthy social relationship.

Riley Kai said...

Glad you are back:-)

Jeanette said...

Well done to P!! Looks like it was a successful weekend! Well done to you too re all your hard work!

Love Bears All Things said...

What fun. I know you look forward to traveling with him.
Mama Bear

Annie said...

Welcome back Jan!! I missed you. Finland sounds exciting! Lucky lady!!