Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday's Travels!

I thought that this week I would leave Europe for a while, and travel further South!  It's been almost a year since we returned from our island holiday and what fun we had!

Mauritius was enchanting!  It was a melting pot of young and old, and is a paradise for fishing, water sports and just relaxing!  From the moment our plane touched down to the moment we left, we met nothing but friendly smiles and the people just couldn't do enough for us!

It was windy and warm when we left Durban!  Filled with anticipation, especially for me as it was my first island  holiday!  Our flight was only 4 hours long, and our drive in the taxi from the airport to the hotel in the north took a couple of hours.  We were welcomed at ClubMed, by such friendly staff who saw to our every need.
There were dozens of boats, all shapes and sizes in the harbour.  Many are used for deep sea fishing, as well as sailing.  Boats can be hired from all the hotels.  We were lucky in that our package included all non-motorized sporting activities, so we got to use the HobyCats, canoes AND got to ride on the glass bottomed boat, whenever we felt like it!
Philip getting ready for a ride on the Hoby Cat!
Me being very brave - preparing for my canoe ride to England!!
The weather was warm, although a little overcast.  We had rain on our very last day, but the hotel is so organised, they had a day FULL of activities to keep us all busy, young and old!
The water was clear and warm and we spent a good deal of time swimming and floating around! The beaches are safe and the gentle seas with no waves, an absolute pleasure!
The food of course was a TREAT!  They had themed evenings and every night the menu's were different.  This is a photograph of a pheasant made entirely out of parma ham!  It was too delightful to touch!  We had the most delicous food, their hospitality was legendary!
Every night the staff at the hotel put on a show and then they held a party.  I still remember one of the them songs, where they sand "I don't wanna work today!"  We danced, they sang - we had an absolute ball!
Grand Baie is one of the more popular cities.  It's little town hosts a variety of fashion and craft shops, hotels and night-clubs.  It is a very "Touristy" place.  I liked the older area and just loved this photograph of the village hall!
We had a lovely holiday and all too soon our 8 days passed and it was time to come home!  Our flight back to SA on Air Mauritius was comfortable and pleasant - time to start saving for our next trip!
Farewell Mauritius!


Riley Kai said...

Breath taking! I love when you post about your travels:-) Keep them coming!!!

Avril said...

Ah! Lovely! Am so envious! We've never been to Mauritius - planned to go to Seychelles for our 25th wedding anniversary and then Jeanette decided to get married - couldn't do both, moneywise!!!
My brother and sister in law are taking their entire grownup family with them on Friday!!! All seven of them - their four children plus a girlfriend!!! That's their 25th wedding anniversary present - to be with their children on an island holiday !!! Do you see my skin turn green?

Firefly said...

We would also like to go on a island holiday one day. Doesn't have to be Mauritius though. Any one will do.

pam said...

I love your last pic!

What a lovely place to visit, thanks for taking me a long.