Monday, September 7, 2009

Blue Monday!

Started off really well this morning!  I left home for work and heard this funny "clicky clack" sound.  I stopped at the traffic light only to discover that my front right tyre was flat!  I was wearing my white pants which were NOT condusive to working with tools, so slowly drove to the nearest garage, which was only 100 m down the road.  Two of the petrol attendants very kindly helped me, and for 20 bucks each, I drove away 15 minutes later with my spare safely in place!  I am going to go the tyre place on my way home today so that they can look at the tyre, see what the damage was and replace it if I have too!  Strange thing is, I wasn't all that stressed about it!  Normally something like this would freak me out, make me late for work and I wouldn't be at all happy - I took it in my stride!

And ... my Monday didn't turn out to be all that bad after all!  I was busy, but things ran smoothly  and it's almost time to go home!  The sun is shining brightly outside which means I can water the garden when I get home and then relax!  Bubbly, lavendar bath and an early night!  Hmm!  Sounds like a good idea to me!


Love Bears All Things said...

It was a blessing to be that close to a place where someone could change it.
It is Labor Day here, of course so Honey Bear is home. I've done prep for dinner and caught up on ironing. He changed his brakes and then worked some on our little pond.
I'm drinking another cup of coffee and resting a minute before I clean up. All that work made me sweaty.
Glad your day turned out well.
Mama Bear

Jeanette said...

Glad your day was ok in the end. You're very lucky the garage was so close!

Avril said...

Hope your day ended well with your bubbly bath!

Corey~living and loving said...

Way to go! good job keeping your cool, and taking it in stride. :) HOpe the rest of your day was lovely.