Friday, July 3, 2009


Had book club at our house last night! P went to visit his friend in Pretoria and poor Stacey had to stay at home and study while we had fun! It was cold so I decided to go the comfort food route and made a stunning macaroni & cheese! Served with a winter salad and warm Italian bread! There was LOTS of wine, plenty of laughs ... and the odd book was taken! Ha! It's always a fun evening! It was especially good for me because I won the "stokvel" (each book club member contributes money and each month a different member receives the money collected). I was quite thrilled! I have been eyeing a beautiful red coat, but it is quite expensive and I couldn't justify spending so much on a coat. I decided that if I won "stokvel" this month, I would use the money to buy my coat - I am going shopping after work! YEHA!

Stacey is off to Bloemfontein today for a week - so I get an afternoon off work - have to take her to the airport! So it's another reason to be smiling! And of course its the week-end Baby! Hope you all have a good one - to my American friends - "Happy Independence Day!" I will be thinking of all of you!


Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like my kind of book club. And I'm still wanting to know about the "dinner club". How long do you contribute to the money pool before someone wins? Must have been a lot if you can buy a coat with it. How many are in the bookclub? I am in one that meets in the daytime. We have a blast. It is a diversified group and some of the non book discussions are interesting.
Have a good weekend,
Mama Bear

Riley Kai said...

Can't wait to see pictures of your new coat:-)

Firefly said...

I belong to a book club through our community forum website MyPE. We barely ever talk about books when we have a meeting. Its more an excuse to get together with some cyber friends for coffee than anything else.

Avril said...

It seems book clubs are all the same!!!! .. and did you get that red coat?