Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bed Time!

Bed time is one of my favourite parts of the day. Especially after a long day or when it's cold outside! There is nothing nicer than relaxing in a hot bath, with a good book, soaking up the warmth, the oils and the delightful smells of my favourite bubble bath!

Of course the "Dream Cream" and lip balm are treats on their own too! And the best way to end it all?

A cup of Chamomile tea with my favourite book! Guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and sleep to my soul!

8 Blissful hours - then the alarm SCREAMS in my ear and (sigh) another day starts with its hustle and bustle! Roll on the week-end - looking forward to that lie in! :)


Love Bears All Things said...

An inspiring post! 8 hours is not nearly enough for me. I want 10. Your bath products look inviting but would they work for someone who cannot smell. I've wondered about that aromatherapy.
Mama Bear

Avril said...

Me too ! - love soaking in a hot bath with gentle aromas - and then the best part is climbing into a warmed bed ... too tired to read ... always makes me smile!

Marcelle said...

whenever I visit CT and do my cosmetic shopping I head to clicks...all those products we dont get in Germany, I dont want to use what I can find here...too boring. So that range is my favorite.
I also have to have bubbles in my bath...