Monday, July 13, 2009

Kali spe ra!

We so enjoyed Cook Out this month! Even the weather played the game and although there was a chill in the wind, the sun shone brightly - we could ALMOST imagine being in the Mediterranean! LOL!

The food was lovely and we had such a good variety this time.  I could have made Moussaka - no-one else did but I settled for Greek Lamb meatballs, served with pita bread and home-made Tzsatsziki.  The winning dish was made by Cheryl - a roast belly of pork with honey and lemon sauce topped with wilted rocket - very tasty in deed and a well deserved winner!  Gordon and Les made lamb kebabs with a yoghurt dressing. Gordy and John (John being our newset member and also Greek!) both made a peasant dish which consisted of stuffed peppers and tomatoes, slowly baked with olive oil - ooooh!  the sauce was delicious when crusty bread was dipped inside it!  Gordon painstakingly made dolmades (stuffed vine-leaves) which they served as a starter along with Halloumi cheese and Greek sausages!

Home-made dolmades - vine leaves stuffed with mince, rice and pine-nuts, gently drizzled with fresh lemon
From bottom L - lamb kebabs, tzsatzsiki, peasant dish of stuffed veg. roast pork, meatballs and pita
Greek Ouzo (I just LOVED that bottle) and Greek Brandy
Ezio and I enjoyed a Greek brandy - soft, gentle aftertaste of caramel for me, others thought it was rather nutty!
Our happy group of cook-out friends!  We were missing some people which was sad - we had such a good time!  Next month at Thys and Shelley - wonder what theme they'll choose?
We were thoroughly spoilt and ended our meal with Baklava - carefully and lovingly made by John's mother - a REAL Greek mama!  By far, the nicest Baklava I have ever tasted!
Looking forward to the next one!  Thanks everyone for a stunning day!


Jeanette said...

Ooh yum, it all looks very good

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like so much deliscious fun. I love the bottles too. The blue one would look nice in my kitchen. I make stuffed peppers, didn't know I was making a greek dish. All of the dishes sound so good. And Baklava, sinful desert.
Wish I had a group like this one to enjoy new tastes with.
Mama Bear

Firefly said...

Mmmmmmmmmm........... Sounds lip smacking delicious