Friday, July 10, 2009

It's the week-end!

It's the week-end and where would YOU rather be? I can think of a few good places!

Where the sun is warm and the sea is clear!

Where canoeing seems like a better option than donning another jersey!

Where the food is good and the folk are full of cheer! What about a ride on a laundry buggy?

Romantic lunches on a hot day with not a single care in the world!

In the warm, clear blue water with a bunch of fabulous friends, heaps of laughs and sea weed tickling your toes! LOL!

Bet you'd like to be in Mauritius too?

Almost a year since we left - oh how I want to go back! Have a fabulous week-end and keep smiling!

You're not old unless you get wrinkles in your heart!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan. One of the places I would love to be, or somwhere in the Magoebaskloof. Just relaxing. Yes enjou you weekend and the cookout on Sunday. Love Michelle

Jeanette said...

Cannot believe it's been a year!

Corey~living and loving said...

yeah for weekends....I'd totally love to be there. :)

Avril said...

Oh .. yes !!! That would be lovely!!

Marcelle said...

Have never been there, but can just imagine its paradise...and would love to go one day...oh I want to visit so many places *one day*.
Its cold and wet here this weekend, a real miserable one, not summer at all.

Firefly said...

I can do with a week on a tropical island. The weather was actually very nice down here today although they forecasted cold and rain. We actually went to the beach for the kids to get out and play in the sand for a while.

Marcelle said...

Hey there my South African blogger friend...

Yes those are my nails...I love doing then subtle but creative...every now and again.

My granddaughter calles my nails * Barbie Nails * always make them pink and pretty when I go home just for her!