Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday!

“Asimbonanga (We have not seen him)
Asimbonang' uMandela thina (We have not seen Mandela)
Laph'ekhona (In the place where he is)
Laph'ehleli khona (In the place where he is kept)
Oh the sea is cold and the sky is grey
Look across the Island into the Bay
We are all islands till comes the day
We cross the burning water”
This is a song written and sung by South African Johnny Clegg. It gives me goose bumps! Whether we agree with the ruling government or not, I don’t think there is a single South African who doesn’t love and respect our Madiba. Despite the many obstacles he faced while fighting for the freedom he believed in, despite spending years in prison, he was released and through him, South Africa underwent a peaceful transition. He is our hero, our father – a man who dedicated 67 years fighting for peace, justice and freedom for all.

Tomorrow our Madiba turns 91 and we have been asked to spend 67 minutes of our time, doing something for someone else. In return for what he has taught us, it’s our turn to teach our children about sharing and loving!

Happy Birthday ‘Tata (father) – thank you for the lessons of love and peace you have taught all of us. We are so very proud as you have made an impact not only on the lives of the South African people, but on the lives of people all over the world, who love and admire you!


Marcelle said...

91 years old...what a full life this wonderful man has lived.

I see on Oprah's Twitter page she is with him at the moment....

His birthday is all over the news here as well...

Jeanette said...

Nice message :)

Avril said...

Great post ! My hubby shares his birthday!

Love your previous post! When Bradley was little I used to take him to the nearby school field on our way home from his nursery school - we ran bare footed and twirled with arms stretched out wide .. laughing and giggling! He loved it .. and so did I - I feeling of real freedom - to feel like a child again! Must do the same with Connor now! Thanks for the reminder!