Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun Times!

Alex went home on Saturday but the good news is that she is joining us in the Drakensberg on Saturday to celebrate P’s birthday! YEAH!

I thought I would share a couple of our moments together with you!

When we first moved into our house 11 years ago, we were looking for a local “pizza place” which was nice and which we knew we would visit often! We came across “Luigi’s”. We had a lovely meal and P still says they make the BEST beef lasagne in Johannesburg! While we were having our meal that night, the owner, Alec, came to table. He remarked on the fact that we had not been there before and welcomed us. He told P that if we came again, and he couldn’t remember our names, the meal would be on him! Needless to say, we had a stunning evening and a week later were back! Alec came up to the table and said “Nice to see you again! Gee! Pity I don’t remember your name!” We chatted to him and as he got up to leave he looked at P and said,”Well P, it was lovely seeing you again!” Haha! So the meal wasn’t on him afterall. Luigi’s has been our local ever since – in fact Alec call’s us his “first best customers!”

Alex’s special request on Friday night, being her last night before going home, was to go to Luigi’s for dinner. Here the girls are being silly and of course the staff, who know us so well, by the time we are seated, our drinks are waiting for us on the table! LOL!

Alec and his staff with my family
Stacey and Alex being silly outside the restaurant!
Remember I told you we were going to a quiz evening? We did and we had fun! However, “Happy Families” (the name we gave our team) was a tiny team of 4 – the other teams had between 10 and 12 members! We came LAST – that’s right! But we did have a lot of fun and we were presented with feather dusters to “dust up our knowledge!”

After quiz evening with our "prizes"!

We had a lovely time – now looking forward to the week-end!


Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like you had a couple of fun evenings. We once had a favorite resturant where we lived and a favorite watress there. She would prepare our drinks as soon as she saw us get out of the car. She remembered how we liked our salad, too. It makes one feel so special when one is remembered like that at a resturant.
Mama Bear

Jeanette said...

Love the feather duster idea, very clever!

Avril said...

Is that the Luigi's on B.Naude? Haven't been there for years - the Lasagne was always my favourite! Need to go back!
You have such great family fun! - love the dusters!!

Corey~living and loving said...

love that you have a Regular pizza joint. that is cool. So far we do not have a place that is "our place" to eat. I think I'd like that feeling. thanks for sharing.

Avril said...

Thanks for Luigi update! We've never been to the Boskruin one - well, now we should! There's a take-away place in our little Honey Junction centre - wonder if it's also as good. Never had from there either (we seldom have take-aways though). Col Cachio (spelling?) - World Wear Centre is good for pizza! :)

Firefly said...

You guys have so much fun as a family. I hope that one day when our kids are bigger that we would be able to do the same.