Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Did you know that the common South African word for Suricate is "meerkat" (small mammal of the Mongoose family). It means "lake cat" since they are often found near large stretches of water. They are the sweetest little things, and usually inhabit the burrows of ground squirrels. The enlarge the burrows by scraping with their sharp claws. They LOVE the sunshine and often sunbathe when leaving their burrows before starting their day!

Adults meerkats take turns to stand on sentry! They use their tails to balance them, standing straight up after finding a suitable spot to look out for predators, like eagles! If danger is seen, they give a warning bark and the whole group flee to the safety of their burrows.

Do you know who I am? Snuggling up with Philip!

Aren't I a funny fella? My name is "Eiers"

"Eiers" (which is the Afrikaans word for eggs) was a tame Meerkat who also lives at Weltevrede Game Farm. He is the cutest little thing and holds his own very nicely when the resident dogs want to come and steal his place in front of the fire!

Watch it! Don't steal my warm spot!

OK! Just leave me be - I'll just sit here and THINK!


Love Bears All Things said...

I've never heard of one being domesticated before. We love to watch Meerkat manor on TV.
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Mama Bear

Shaun said...

I am almost sure I saw Chester !

Jeanette said...

Oh wow, you had quite a weekend!

Deb said...

Hi ~ Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thanks for teaching us so much about meerkats. I thought they only loved in the wild. Reminds me a little of the ferret my son had as a pet. I enjoyed my visit. Enjoy your day.

Just for fun :) said...

ah man!!! this is just tooo damn cute!!