Friday, June 12, 2009

Oliewenhuis completed!

I decided to finish off this week, with some more interesting art works from Oliewenhuis! The sheep caused quite a stir in Wordless Wednesday let's see what you think of this!
I mentioned in my last post this is a young museum - only 13 years old! There is a permanent art collection which is rearranged on a regular basis and is devoted exclusively to South African artists. A large number of these works have been donated or left to the museum as part of an inheritance. They do not charge an entrance fee, and have a fabulous restaurant in the gardens which caters for all sorts of tastes! I had the most stunning omelette for breakfast, with all the bells and whistles. Really tasty and quite reasonable!

Autumn leaves on an Oak tree at the bottom of the garden!

Fountain image of the Pied Piper - overlooking our breakfast table! The sound of the tinkling water was so relaxing!

African mosaic female figures

I found this one interesting, although strange - it's called "African Headrest"!


Avril said...

Ummm .. weird - not my 'cup of tea' - although interesting! The three ladies look like the Tellytubbies (or have I been looking after littlies too long?!)

FFH said...

For a very large selection of works at the Oliewenhuis Art Museum I refer you to this link with all the artists' name and sub-links:
You can even look at the whole catalogue in PDF format of a large donation made in 2007!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

This sounds, and looks, like a very interesting place - I wish I could visit there!