Monday, May 25, 2009

Yeha for Birthdays!

I thought I'd grown out of tiny birthday parties, now that I am no longer a mummy of a teeny person! Well, I was invited to little Sienna's first birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Can I tell you how sweet these tiny people were?
Although it's deep into Autumn here, it was such a hot day! The winter sun beat down on the jumping castle! Candice had to get out the sunblock for Sienna and her little friends. It was so sweet. The theme for the party was Winnie the Pooh and all the children had just turned 1, or were turning 1! I loved to watch them interact with each other, still learning social skills! The jumping castle was a huge hit, and because there weren't any big children jumping about, the littlies really had fun - waving their arms up and down to get themselves to bounce!

I love this face! Was concentrating on which side of the parcel she should start ripping of the paper!
"Loads and loads of presents Aunty Jan! And how I love the xylophone you bought for me!"


Avril said...

Bless her - she's so cute! - Happy First Birthday little one!!
Have realised I haven't visited your blog for a few posts now - very interesting prehistoric one! .. and those duckies are sweet!
Less time on the computer means I have to whizz through stuff! Connor is far better behaved when he has my undivided attention (well, only divided with Bradley)in the afternoons.

Firefly said...

Little kids' birthday parties are the bestest

Jeanette said...

Very cute!

pam said...

What a fun party for the little ones. Jumpy castles are always a big hit!

Emily's school is being built in Kenya, I don't know an exact location. But I will know more as the building gets underway. She is very proud of it!

Marcelle said...

Oh Janet what a cutie pie, are little people not the most special things in ones life the older we get...I adore little ones. Seems like a very nice party was had by all..even the Aunty!

Corey~living and loving said...

oh how I love the tiny people of our world. ♥ glad you got to soak up some of their love.