Monday, March 30, 2009


What it is to have colleagues who carry spare USB cables around with them! YEAH! I can show you how beautiful Alexandra looked! Oh! And Niunia found my USB cable in Bloem, so I won't have to buy a new one anyhow! Things are falling back into place!

We met at Alex's friend, Maddy's house on Friday afternoon. Karen (Alex's Mum) had prepared the most stunning snacks which we had, washed down with ice cold champagne, over-looking the whole of Durban! These people live at the top of Ridge Road in a beautiful old Tudor style home! The views were amazing and everything was decorated in black and silver with candles and beautiful roses!

We had the pleasure of meeting Alex's boyfriend, Michael. What a nice young man! He was so polite and looked very dashing in his tuxedo! When Alex came through the door she was breathtaking!

Her dress was made of black satin and she wore her Grandma's fur shawl. She wore little diamante ear-rings and a matching bracelet - which she lost at the dance, unfortunately!

The back of the dress was rouched! It must have been such a job to do!

Michael and Alex went for dancing lessons and there was no way we going to let them leave without showing us their steps! Poor man was soooooo nervous!

Philip had the honours of driving them to the dance which was held at the Hellenic Hall in Durban. The theme was "Silver Screen" and Alex said it was beautiful!

They had a wonderful evening! We are all so proud of Alex for making her own dress! It was a big job and she did it so well! Now, in her own words "comes the hard work!" Preparing for her finals and deciding where to study next year! She wants to a degree in design and will specialise in her 4th year - maybe interior design or maybe even fashion - time will tell, and I am sure she will make the right choice. She is motivated and so full of life!

Philip and I are VERY proud of both our girls!


David Richardson said...

She's a lovely young lady, and I'm sure you are very proud of her.

Nothing beats time with family!!

Once again, I enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks for giving us all a little glimpse into the life of your family.

God bless you!

David Richardson
South Carolina - USA

Hayley said...

She looked beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Pam said...

Janet, she looks just beautiful! And she made her own dress? I'm super impressed! That looks to be a very daunting task to me. And I'm a pretty good seamstress. I like to sew kids clothes best though.

Congrats to you and Philip both for raising such a gorgeous girl!

Avril said...

So glad you all had a wonderful weekend!
Wow - she looked stunning!!! What a beautiful dress too - such a clever girl!! Proud parents you are!!!!
Glad you had quality time with your Mum and Dad - treasure those times! I am off to see my Mum this weekend - looking forward to it (in a way) but I know it'll be the last time I'll see her. Very very sad - she is 'going down' very quickly now apparently.

pam said...

What a lovely young woman, and what a gorgeous dress. She looks so happy, I can see she has a very bright future!


Colleen said...

That dress is totally gorgeous (as is your daughter!). She is very talented. I can't believe she made that dress. Just beautiful.

Corey~living and loving said...

WOW! she made such a fabulous dress. I'm sooooo impressed.

Firefly said...

She looked absolutely awesome. The dress is beautiful and if this is done without training, imagine what she would be able to do after four years of study.