Monday, March 30, 2009

We're back, safe and sound!

We had a stunning week-end!  But can you believe that I have lost the USB cable for my camera?  I am going to have to go and get a new one today.

Alexandra looked beautiful and we were so very proud of her.  She made her own dress for the Prom and looked like a princess.  We got to meet her new boyfriend, Michael - what  a nice boy.  I can't wait to get my camera sorted out so that I can share the photographs with you!

They all went to the rugby on Saturday, and the Sharks are now on top of the log having beat the Brumbies.  P of course, was in his element!  Stacey says they had a fabulous time.

As for me, I spent quality time with Mum and Dad.  We had a relaxing time, chatting and drinking FAR too much tea!  They will be in Johannesburg in a month's time for Stacey's 21st.  Mum was VERY heartsore when we left.  It is hard, her being so far away.  But it's not long until we're together again!

Now I must go and sort out that cable ....


Firefly said...

It's good to hear that everything went off well the weekend. Matric farewells can so easily be a letdown for somebody. As for the rugby, well, lets just say the Bulls will bounce back.

Colleen said...

You'll have to show pictures of the dress!

After you get a USB cable I guess.
: )