Monday, March 2, 2009

Not me Monday!

Time is slipping through my fingers and Stacey's 21st Birthday party is creeping up slowly but surely - it's more than a month away. but I have so much to do and am beginning to stress a little .... who me? Stress? I don't stress about planning parties! Not me!

We went to her cousin Jessica's 21st on Friday night! I did not become all choked up and tearful when they played a slide show of her life and I saw pictures of these little girls playing together - I wouldn't get nostalgic about something like that ... not me!

I do not have a million ideas in my head and plans to make, and I would NEVER sound like an organising mother hen to my daughter, who has her OWN ideas! I would NEVER interfere and try and push her into doing what I want ... not on her special day ... not me!

I have not confirmed the venue (hee! hee - now watch them panic when they read my blog!), I have not arranged with Jeanette to do the photographs, I have not got quotes from DJ's, or picked the final menu! I am not quite excited and will NOT need couple of dozen tranquilizers to keep me sane on the night ... not me!

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Judith said...

oh sounds as though you are sailing through the whole organizing process :) Karl was alot simpler when he had his 21st last year as he went to Rome for with his Dad for a few days. Therefore, I left the organizing to Nigel!! LOL

Jeanette said...

LOL, can't wait to do the photos :)

Firefly said...

At least the photographer that you haven't confirmed isn't any good. Not at all. Will totally not do justice to the event.

*I'm going to do this straight as I will probably mess it up in the negative*
My wife is one of those organizing freaks (sorry) who wants to do the party bigger and better than last year and gets all stressed and drives me up the wall untill the party is over. And every time I threaten that it is the last party at home.

Pam said...

I bet that everyhing will come out just perfectly. Can't wait to see the post after the big party. Looking forward to hearing about how wonderful Stacey thought it was and seeing all of the pictures!

Avril said...

Oh you have plenty of time !!!
I'm sure you'll get it all done and everything will be perfect! I found the hardest thing was to find a key! .. not the usual ones but something different.

Avril said...

Catching up - your Friday entry was so interesting and a fascinating story. Amazing to have met such a wonderful man and have not one but two of his paintings plus the sketch. What treasures!! I recognised the one behind your hubby dressed in his Masai robe as Jeanette has one too. I think Elaine's boyfriend's Mum also has a sketch of her done by him too - but need to confirm that.

pam said...

I can't wait to hear of all your plans leading up to Stacey's birthday!( or maybe it will be kept as a secret so she doesn't know) Then, I can't wait to see lots and Lots of pics:)

How fun!!