Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I wasn't sure ...

... what I was going to write about today!  I have been tagged and my intention was to carry that through, but I left my camera at home, so that doesn't help! I had thought about talking about a mail I received about SA, but then someone else did that.  While racking my brains, I remembered some thoughts I had on Saturday night!  We had our Dinner Club and it was our turn to host.  The theme was "Turkish" and we had a whole lot of fun.  Besides the stunning dishes that everyone bought, the tables were set to fit the theme, and I had bought a CD of Turkish music to play! (I must say, I quite enjoyed the music ... could get used to that!)

With a house full of people, and 4 teeny tiny ones running around, the heavens opened and it BUCKETED down!  Our gardener had cut the lawn, and these tiny feet carried  grass cuttings RIGHT throughout my house!  Dirty carpets, messy fingers and high shrieked screams - my first reaction was "noise, mess, eeeuw!" And then I thought of those friends or family who have lost a little one and I realised how lucky we are - to have the fun and laughter, good times and bad with our children.  Bring on the mess and noise - we really are blessed!

Running so fast - I have something important to say!
I have so many stories - please will you listen?
At least I have big sisters who will listen!


pam said...

Thank you for the beautiful reminder. Why is it that we get so worked up over things that are truly little (like dirt on the carpet?) I need to remember how blessed I truly am in this life, so many are not!!

Avril said...

I used to have a tidy, clean house with everything in it's place .. ornaments neatly placed on tables etc .. now that I am looking after littlies - and have done now for nearly 6 years (Bradley was 4 mths old when I started!) my house is chaotic! In the beginning it used to really really bug me but now I feel there is no point in trying too much (during the week) and weekends the toys are put away out of sight (generally!) but my tables stay the same - the really good stuff is away in a cabinet. One day they will all come out again and my house will be neat again - and clean (except for my doggies of course and their usual dirty paws in rainy weather!) and when that time comes the kiddies will have grown up - and we will old - but we will have been blessed!

Jeanette said...

LOL my house is never tidy anymore :)