Monday, February 2, 2009

Not me Monday!

It is NOT my month end, and I am not very busy!
I did not "reply" to all when my husband had blind copied me on an email to his cousin regarding a sensitive issue that I was not supposed to know about!
I have not missed out on my early morning coffee because I forgot to buy milk yesterday ... I mean really, I am too organised to forget something so basic.
And I am not going to leave this as my shortest "Not me Monday" post because my phone is not ringing, I do not have 2 people at my desk waiting to talk to me and I am not feeling at all stressed!

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Hayley said...

Laughed at the email one....eish!

Firefly said...

I am not having the same kind of Monday, other than the e-mail bit.

pam said...

I hope you are getting through your month end with as little stress as possible.

Happy Monday!!

Pam said...

OK. The email fiasco sounds like something I would do.

And I sure am glad to no longer have a desk for people to stand at waiting to bug me!