Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've been tagged!

A new visitor to my blog has tagged me (thank you Pam!) and it IS fun! Twenty random things about me! Shew! Hope I can find enough to interest everyone! Ha! The idea is to tag 20 other bloggers ... difficult for me too Pam - we share thoughts on that which brings me to my first point!

  • My brother calls me a "people pleaser". While that is a good thing some of the time, I guess it's not a good thing all of the time - especially in the work place when its sometimes important to be firm!
  • I have a very sweet tooth - not a chocoholic, although I don't mind chocolate, but I like "penny sweets" - gobstoppers and those apricot balls and I cannot remember what they're called, but they remind me of my childhood!
  • I LOVE to travel. If I could afford it, I would travel overseas every year! There is something so special about meeting new people and finding out how they live and what their interests are!
  • I am addicted to this blogging world. As a fairly new comer there is still so much for me to learn, but I have made so many new friends in so many interesting places!
  • I am totally proud of my daughter and love every minute we spend together. Now that she is older, we spend hours chatting and those precious moments are my favourite!
  • After coming out of a nasty marriage, I met and married the man of my dreams! P is the best thing that happened to me. We've had our ups and downs but he really is my better half!
  • I adore entertaining and am at my happiest when I am in the kitchen planning a dinner party!
  • I am wild about recipe books and the Food and Home magazine - I have so many of them, but my favourite pastime is going through them all, looking for interesting dishes to make and new ideas to set the table!
  • Wandering around Antique shops makes me happy. I love finding little treasures! My MIL introduced me to going to auctions and I have some lovely pieces that I have collected over the years - including a silver antique fish server!
  • Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a teacher! And I was, for nearly 13 years! I loved it! And I still get a thrill when meeting ex pupils of mine, who are mostly grown up now!
  • I have very poor eyesight and used to wear contact lenses. Working in an air conditioned environment and being on the computer all day has put paid to that ... I now wear specs, have reading specs and sometimes where my contacts on the week-end!
  • Although I have two brothers (younger than me) and I love them to death, I always wished I had a sister. Well, God gave me one in my best friend Niunia! She really is my "sister from another mother!!" And the best part about that is, her hubby and mine are best friends too!
  • I LURVE my car! She is the best material possession I have ever spent money on (apart from our house!) I so enjoy driving her - she's a little black Polo 1.9 Tdi!
  • I joined a book club - must be nearly 5 years ago! We're basically still the same core group with a couple of new girls to replace those that left! It's one of my favourite outlets! The first Thursday of every month! We each get a turn to host the evening, serve dinner and buy books for that month. I have built up a good collection of books over the years! We enjoy, not only our books, but the company, some good wine and a whole lot fun!
  • Talking about wine, I fancy myself as a little bit of a connesieur! I am a firm supporter of a good white wine. I belong to a wine club and order 6 good bottles a month (not EVERY month!) I also love French champagne, but it's very expensive here. My brother treats me to a bottle of Moet every now and again!
  • I am very systamatic and organised - especially when I am at work. My desk is organised and everything is in little piles in order of importance! I cannot work in a mess! Even at home! I hate little bits of paper on counter tops and keys lying around. I am forever picking up after my family - neither P nor Stacey have learnt to be organised! Grr!
  • I always bounce my leg! Up and down, up and down! It drives my family nuts - I don't know why I do it! Its just a bad habit now I think because I'm not the nervous type although I must admit - it gets worse if I am agitated!
  • I have a thing about my hands and go for a manicure twice a month. As a little girl I used to bite my nails and its very important to me now, that my hands and nails look good!
  • I have an "adopted" daughter! Ha! Not a real one, but Stacey's best friend Kate has become an important part of our family!!
  • I sell a range of beauty products in my spare time and have learnt so much about skin care - it's a good thing!
Well, there you go! I hope you enjoyed that! It was fun ... one last point! I counted that over and over and I'm not a very good counter! I hope there're only 20 points. Now ... I am going to challenge 20 of any of my friends to play along! Thank you Pam!


Pam said...

Wow, Janet! You work quickly!

Those are all great random facts about yourself. Of course now, I keep thinking of other things I could've listed but got stage fright the couple of times I sat down to work on it.

Thanks for playing along. Glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait til I have some uninterrupted time to go through your whole blog.

Don't forget to tag your other folks. Just update your original post to include them and then leave a comment on their blogs telling them they've been tagged, etc...

Have a great week,

Firefly said...

This is a fantastic way of getting to know somebody. My problem is that I'm to lazy... busy to sit and type out 20 things. But maybe one day sooner than I think.

Judith said...

well there is one very important point that we have in common - I hate working at an untidy desk!! lol - its snowing quite heavily here now so, even though I've some photos this evening, I shall take some more in the morning!! take care, Judith

pam said...

Thanks for sharing some insights of YOU!!

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