Thursday, January 8, 2009

That "M" word again ......

How I wished for rain and a rainbow last night!
It's HOT!  P and I had take-aways for supper!  Stacey and Kate have gone to The Cradle for a couple of days, so we're home alone! I had all the lights off, fans on and doors open.  Somehow having the lights on made it feel hotter. I should not complain, no-one else is, but damn it all - I just cannot cool down.  I am convinced it has to do with that "M" word again - u know - menopause!
It's drivng me mad!  Hair falling out, metabolism slowing down, I wake up soaking wet at night to find P all wrapped up in the duvet because I have the ceiling fan going full tonk!  Who said growing old was gracious??
It's not ALL bad though and I know it will get better.  But I cannot tell a lie - I envy my blogging friends in the North.  The closest thing I'm going to get to "COOLTH" is a vanilla ice-cream! LOL!
(Oh hang on a minute - P brought me a Bailey's on crushed ice - that did it for a while!)


Hayley said...

Hey Janet, just found your blog. and i see you read all the same ones i do to. (Mckmamma, Kellys Korner etc).
Looking forward to those afternoon thunderstorms, i am moving back to Joburg this weekend, cannot wait!

Jeanette said...

Now Baileys on ice sounds a LOT nicer than my red wine I've just finished!
It's bloomin hot!

pam said...

I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. Your picture of the rainbow is gorgeous. Is it over your home? What a beautiful part of the world you live in.

Firefly said...

You have all the symptoms I have but the difference is I'm a guy in my early 30's.

Hair falling out - Jip, I am receding way to fast for my liking.
Metabolism slowing down - Jip again, this I can see around my waist
I wake up soaking wet at night to find P all wrapped up in the duvet because I have the ceiling fan going full tonk - Well not P but the Damselfly. I haven't had a good night this whole week. Just too hot.
Who said growing old was gracious?? - NOT ME!

Geri said...

Yes, I've been throw all those menopause symptoms, and, it truly does get better. If you're looking for ideas for menopause ideas, I've got some on my site. I bought a hand fan and carried it everywhere with me.

Avril said...

.. And I thought it was me and my "M" word !!!! I follow the sway of the portable fan! No ceiling fans in this house!
I have a fridge magnet which reads "Are my hot flushes causing global warming"

Judith said...

Let me tell you Janet!! it's been cold here but even I woke the other night soaked!! you would have thought I had been out in the summers sun.... yes the 'M' take care Judith

Gilz said...

Stunning! I love rainbows