Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I guess now that Wednesday is almost over, I can explain the photograph!  Hahaha!  Caught you did it?  We went on a "booze cruise" along the Vaal River one Sunday afternoon.  While drifting along, we saw the most amazing homes built along the banks -  permanent homes,  holiday homes - really quite beautiful some of them!

Anyhow we had a Belgian student with us and all she wanted to see while in SA was an elephant!  She did - well - kinda!!  It's actually a concrete elephant which this guy has at the bottom of his garden, which leads right onto the river.  Quite effective really!  We were told (and whether this is true or not I don't know!) that the author, Wilbur Smith, has a home right next door!


Firefly said...

Thanks for the explanation. That was such a weird scene with the elephant standing next to a trampoline. Just could not figure it out.

pam said...

The photo is beautiful, and what a unique thing to have a statue of an elephant.