Monday, December 8, 2008

Not me Monday!

With all the festivities that we’re about I do not find myself in the enviable position of being offered all sorts of wonderful things to eat and drink. I mean really, having a wonderful figure and a huge wardrobe of clothing, means I don’t have to be concerned … not me!

• I did not gobble down a “vetkoek” (savoury doughnut!) on Friday at lunch time and accept a SECOND one just because it was so tasty … and then have to take a Nexium because of the most horrendous heartburn … not me!

• All I could think about on my way home was to fill the car with candy and yummy things … not to eat of course, just in case we came across some poor soul in an old Halloween costume looking for a treat … I wouldn’t want to stuff my growing jowels … not me!

• I did not make a decision to do something about my expanding waste-line before Christmas and pack a healthy, low fat lunch for work today – not me!

• I am not looking forward to attending our Long Service awards at work today, and am NOT looking forward to receiving a full one ounce Kruger Rand for 10 years service … not me!!

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1 comment:

Jeanette said...

yay about your long service award!