Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy Week-end!

We left for Bloemfontein on Friday at about 14h00. Just as we hit the outskirts of Jozi, we drove into the middle of the most horrendous storm. There was so much hail and rain that Philip could not see through the windscreen. Everyone had their hazard lights on to assist in seeing the vehicles - it was frightening to say the least! It took us nearly 4 and a half hours to get there, in what normally would take about 3 hours 20 minutes! We were quite tired and stressed by the time we arrived at Dave and Niunia's place, but did have time for a quick drink and freshen up before going to the 41'ers Christmas party which was held at "Hoggs" just up the road from Dave and Niunia's house. We initially decided to walk (which Philip and David did!) but Stacey (who is still there on holiday) popped in to say hello and she dropped Niunia and I off - well we did have the pressies to carry!
Kevin and Shirley organised the party and did a really good job. The tables were stunning and laden with gifts! We each received a thermal mug (perfect for taking coffee to work in) and an organza bag filled with all sorts of cosmetic samples, from perfume to lipgloss! The food was lovely and the company even better! We had a really good time and enjoyed meeting up with old friends (Pierre and Erika Uys) who we have not seen in donkeys years!
Philip is wearing his "President in Training" waist coat, which was presented to him by the Bloemfontein 41 club. Here he is with Dave - being silly with crash helmets on - no, they did not ride bikes but walked home after the party!
Philip and I having a good giggle at something. My shattered nerves, no wonder I decided to get onto my eating plan with immediate effect. Just look at the double chin!! Hahaha!
Dave and Niunia - I just love the hat Davey Dee! It's so becoming!
We had a lovely time, we really did. Tomorrow I will write about the next part of our trip! Our dear friend Tania's 40th. But more about that tomorrow!


Jeanette said...

sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!

Avril said...

Catching up ! Parties and get togethers - you have a busy life! Hubbly story - yes, me too, not sure about the whole thing. It was remarkably noticable on the beach - there were at least six groups of them puffing through pipes each day.