Friday, November 14, 2008

Twisting the night away!

Super Year-end function!  Fabulous venue, the food was divine (I LOVED the asparagus and halloumi) and heaps of fun was had by all.  Cabanga was really impressive.  I have never been there before, and after last night I am seriously thinking it would be the ideal venue for Stacey's 21st!

View from the deck onto the pool, where we had our snacks
I love this one!  I am not a photographer, but love how the Agapanthas are in focus!
Everyone made an effort to dress up!  We even had a "Pink Lady" - where she got her pink leather jacket from I have no idea, but it was stunning!  Her name is Anna and she won the prize for the best dressed lady, Winston won the male prize!  They were delighted and did a celebratory dance for us!  I don't think many departments can boast 100% attendance at a function like this!  Even my messengar, Sammy came along and he normally doesn't attend social functions. 
The tables looked so good.  They used old LP records as table mats and there were little electric guitars as the centre pieces.  Some tables were black and red, others black and green, black and blue (not bruised!!) and black and yellow.  It was a buffet.  They served an assortments of salads, including the asparagus and halloumi that was my favourite, and a bacon and crouton salad with bean sprouts!  Delish!  We had roast turkey, chicken, prawns and a mutton curry with all the trimmings.  Lovely vegies and savoury rice.  For dessert they had a chocolate fountain (which was a huge hit!), trifle, ice-cream and Portugues custard tarts.  After dinner, the games began and we twisted the night away!
The Pink Lady, Anna and Diemiso
Wasn't her jacket to die for?!
Sammy, my man!
Dancing Queen - Lydia
How nice it was to socialise with colleagues.  We spend so many hours together in a working environment.  It's good to see the other side and this is an evening I will remember fondly for a long time. 
Peter and I having a serious conversation about the state of his roads on the farm, or something!!
The worst part about functions like this are how I feel the next morning!  Not only are late nights my worst (P will confirm - I go to bed with the birds!) but the couple of glasses of wine make my head feel fuzzy, and my eyes feel sleepy!  Thank goodness its Friday, home early and I can sleep in tomorrow morning! YEAH!

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Jeanette said...

hehe you're holding up quite well considering the wine you had :)
Looks like a fun evening