Monday, October 20, 2008

Highveld Thunderstorms!

Boy oh boy! Did we have two nights of the most wonderful thunderstorms. Just the way they used to be! Massive flashes of lightening, huge crashes of thunder and pouring rain! You just cannot believe how clean and fresh everything looks - and clearer somehow - like God has taken out his paintbox and touched everything up! Let's hope its not over and that this is the start of our real summer!

Saturday afternoon I was sitting in my fairy garden reading my new book. Philip comes out (he'd been watching the racing) and our conversation goes like this:

Philip: Let's tan some meat tonight! (ie. BBQ or "braai")
Me: No, we're having spaghetti bolognaise.
Philip: Oh!
Me: Why? Don't you feel like bolognaise?
Philip: It's not that!

Stacey comes home and announces that she is going out for dinner! I go to the kitchen and make my bolognaise.

Philip: It's just us at home - Let's go out for dinner!
Me: No! I'm making bolognaise for dinner! Why? Don't you feel like bolognaise?
Philip: It's not that!

We went to Kai Thai for dinner! :)

Something tells me my family don't like my bolognaise! Tough! I froze it and guess what they're getting tonight! :)

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Jeanette said...

Hehe, vengeance is sweet! I love Kai Thai though, their food is always divine.