Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good laugh!

I had a good laugh coming into work this morning! Our local radio station organised a swimming competition at Redhill School with one of the presenters, "Wackhead" Simpson and Ryk Neethling! What a giggle - I wish I could have seen it. When time came for the race, "Wackhead" walked out wearing a luminous green Borat swim suit, with lime green flippers and bright orange arm bands. Ryk of course was in the well-known red Speedo - looking like a Greek God no doubt! You could hear the children screaming and cheering! The sports reporter, Graham Joffe was laughing so much he could hardly do the commentary! Ryk won (of course) by more than a length! It sounded like such fun and the kids were so excited. They interviewed a couple of the bigger children who were asking Ryk questions about what he eats when he's training, how much time he spends in the gym in a week and what he thinks about the furore around the Springbok emblem and sports administrators that aren't ex sportsmen! Interesting questions from Primary school children - I was impressed!

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