Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have booked a flight to Durban on the 26th November - my mum's 70th birthday. I am not going to tell her, because she is going to start stressing and nagging about! I will talk to my dad and ask him (very nicely!!!) to fetch me from the airport at 07h25 in the morning - I will be there in time for breakfast! She will be so surprised. Philip and Stace will drive up on the Friday and we will have a little function for her on the Saturday. There won't be many people as most of her friends are in Jozi, but she does have a cousin in Durban that she is very fond of and perhaps Arlene will make the trip from here. I have spoken to my sister-in-law and we will have the "party" at her house! I have been stressing about this as Mum keeps saying, "I hope you do something for my birthday!" She really is getting old now and not coping very well. I believe it has been VERY cold there and has rained for almost a week.

I am attaching a picture taken at Pop's 70th last year - I remember Rob (on the left) saying something very naughty (as usual) and Pop trying very hard not to laugh! My brothers and parents! I love this one!

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