Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A little bit stressed!

"Good Morning Janet can i meet with u this morning plse it appears we hav to resort to an emergency pasport to ensure your travel for next wk. Cost is R220. Plse advise"

I am mad as a snake. Yes, my passport had expired, but I got in a professional crowd to come to my office, take my pictures and finger prints and promised me my passport within 4 weeks - at a cost mind you! Now he tells me that it won't be ready, and I need to get an emergency one! GRRRRR! As P says, its a waste of money, but what do I do? Stay here while he goes to Durban in the HOPES I will get the normal one which will mean I will have to cancel my flight (at a cost) and re-book a flight to Mauritius out of Jo'burg (which will also cost more!) - so they are coming to my office for me to apply for an emergency!! It's just not worth taking a chance!


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