Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feeling Fishy!

Got home from work last night and I was DYING for a nice piece of fish! None left from PE I'm afraid, and I just could not face I&J frozen fish - somehow it just does not taste the same! P and I decided to go to the Cape Town Fish Market in Bellairs. What a good choice! I had grilled hake and fried rice with salad (good for my diet, as I did not eat much rice!) and P had Dorado, which is similar to swordfish I believe (so Google tells me) with grilled calamari! What a delicious fish. I have never tasted it before, but will definitely give it a try next time! The food was amazing and not expensive at all. We had a good evening, just chatting and enjoying our dinner!

Only two weeks until we go on leave!

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