Monday, August 18, 2008

Day of Rest!

Philip and I had a wonderfully quiet Sunday. After Dave and Niunia left we went to Macro and bought a little camera. Not a big fancy one, a little Canon 460 (I think that's its name!) and it looks great. P was taking it to work today so that Brad, his IT boffin, can help him load the software - and then we're "a" for away. Maybe now I will be able to load some pictures on my blog and make it more interesting.

We were VERY lazy and bought KFC for lunch on our way home. Philip pruned the roses while I did some washing and then we just lay around, reading, watching a bit of telly and by 8 were in bed. I got up this morning feeling so rested - I like lazy Sundays - must organise some more of them.

17 days until I go leave ... ... counting!

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