Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mixing with celebs!

Had a fun evening last night. One of our local girlband's NKD did an unplugged gig at TanzCafe and we went to see them with a group of friends. NKD are pretty special to us, as one of the members, Nicky, is the daughter of a Round Table friend and she came third in the SA Idols competition. What a fabulous evening we had. The girls were great and I'm looking forward to their new CD which Stacey and I agreed is definitely worth buying! It was fun seeing Nicky perform on stage - never seen her before and of course chatting to her before and after! They had a young guy called Simon who came first in the US Beat Boxing competition - well, he was something else! Green striped hair and all, could that boy do amazing things with his voice box. We were in awe!

One of the highlights of the evening (silly as it is) was my visit to the ladies! While waiting to wash my hands, there was this long, skinny woman re-doing her eyeliner. She was so skinny, I think her whole body was the size of my leg!!!!! She turned around and said very sweetly "Sorry, I'm hogging the basin!" I said, "No problem, I'll wait!" ... ... ... it was Christina Storm, a top South African model and actress! I have seen her in pictures and magazines many times, and I was amazed at hour tiny she is in real life - tall, but SMALL! Hmm! Guys all wished they'd gone to the ladies with me ............. tough!!

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