Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are you a wife or a mistress?

I was reading another blogger's views on the office slut in her husbands office. Hmm! Quite amusing, although NOT if it happened to you! Got my colleagues and I talking about relationships and whether we see ourselves as wives, or like some women, mistresses. I think wives see themselves as being in a primary relationship - mistresses seem to think its okay to "fight" for a man or possibly "steal" one!

One of the girls told us a story! She knows someone who went out bowling with her children and amicable ex when a strange women came storming up and tapped her on the shoulder. "You'll go bowling with HER, but you won't even introduce me to your family?" She screamed to the embarrassment of all close by. How humiliating is that? This woman believes she is entitled to fight for someone regardless of whom it might hurt. She clearly hasn't got the message that she is a side-kick and means nothing to him!

Let's be honest. Most men enjoy the attention, but when forced into a corner and made to choose - are they really going to give up what they have, for a potential relationship-wrecker? I found it interesting ... ....

Wonder what I would do ...

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