Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Time out ....

I am going back a day or two - went to Sun City with some of my friends last week. Four girls together with lots of wine and good food! What could be better! My friend, Bev was out from the UK and she has time share st Sun City. We met her there and had quality time catching up on all the news and laughs! Guess what she misses about me (we worked in the same office!) - my SNEEZES! Can you imagine - and we laughed for hours about that.

I must say that we had a long discussion about SA and whether she is glad that she went back to London. The overall decision was that yes, she has no regrets about going back, but she earns nearly twice our salaries now and has far less materially. She is battling in comparison to what she had here. I guess the choice to be made is what is more important ... to have nice things, or peace of mind?

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