Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Terrible Tuesday

... I am so tired! We had such a busy week-end, and today is our month-end which makes it mad at work! Not only that, but I went down with a horrible cold yesterday and am feeling really grotty. So pleased that Thursday AND Friday are public holidays in SA, which makes today, technically a Thursday, tomorrows Friday and then its the week-end baby! Phil and I are off to Gaberone in Botswana for 4 days. There is so much planned - Golf, Game Reserve, Yacht Club for sundowners, Mogul Indian restaurant ... the list goes on and on. Please God I come home rested and not worn out for the new week. Going to have to get used to normal weeks after this - grrrrrrrrrr not going to be easy. Stacey is flying to Assegai this afternoon and will be spending a week with my folks. She will be seeing Alex while she is there and is also going to Umhlanga for a day or two.

How nice to have Paul visiting us for a couple of days from Australia! We so enjoyed having him and I am sure Philip exhausted him with the now famous "staan vuur" - the two of them only go to bed early Monday morning ... ... no wonder Philip was ropey and thank heavens Monday was a public holiday! We had lunch at Heia Safari yesterday. Really nice - this is one of the options for a venue when we have the conference in Jozi. Good choice I think especially for our overseas visitors .............. Soren and Bjarke, you will remember it being the venue for your first numbers tour to SA!

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