Thursday, April 17, 2008

Technical Thursday ...

Stacey and Shane - night out on the town!

Well, I am trying something new - not easy for a technically challenged blonde! Welcome to my blog! I am going to try and keep this updated regularly with more news, my thoughts and feelings on day to day matters. A kind of diary if you will. Who knows, I might even become smart enough to load some pictures. Let's see! Talking about being technically challenged ... I bought myself an MP3 player - the idea is to keep my mind off aching muscles while working out at the gym. Good Lord - what a mission to download my music! I managed to get one of our little geeks at work to get Sarah Brightman downloaded - quite a contrast to Fergie or Nickleback! I really must try and become "IT smart"!

Wow! You should the construction going on right outside my window at work. What an eyesore! They are building a new parking lot for Investec staff and it has taken away my view of Benmore. How interesting to see the scaffolding and busy little builders with there yellow hard hats scuttling up and down, or throwing tools at each other. How they manage to balance up there God alone knows.

Well, there we go! Hope you enjoyed my first entry ... I think its time for a steaming cappuchino!

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