Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's hell in Africa!

How wonderful to be away from the hustle and bustle of the big city - to be so close to nature and good friends. We spent an awsome week-end in the Mabilingwe resort. It's amazing how a place so close by (an hour and a half from Johannesburg) can be so wild and free and open! From the moment we arrived, it felt as though we were in deepest Africa (not as dark as Jozi as there was no load shedding!!) Although we did not see much game, apart from plenty of buck and warthog, we did see a whole family of elephant, right next to the road, but completely hidden by the dense bush and long grass. We visited the Kalahari Oasis pub, which for those of you who have lived in SA will know, is the pub used for the Castrol GTX television advertisment ... "Ja Swaer!" What a quaint pub - FULL of old rubbish and broken car parts, but so much character. I will have to ask Stacey to help me attach some photographs for you to see! It was quite an experience, right down to the drinks, which were served in old enamel mugs! Its quite amazing as to how rejuvinated we felt coming home ... ... if we had the money that is where I would buy a property - close enough to enjoy every week-end if you want to!
Cheryl, Stacey and Me on the Landrover!
Stacey and me getting dinner ready!
Thys, Philip, Claudio and Ezio!
When Philip and I first got together, we used to make an effort to get away once a month - we kind of got out of that habit and stopped doing it. We have been lucky enough to go away a couple of times in the last few months and are off to Botswana next week ... good habit to get into. We have found Jozi becoming more and more hectic. Week-ends are spent rushing through the malls to get weekly shopping done, entertaining at home (which we love) but comes Monday morning - I feel buggered!

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