Monday, August 5, 2013

Week-End news!

Quick update on a good week-end!

  • I did it ... I bought myself a new car!  Mercedes Benz C180 - white - an extravagant purchase, but I am completely in love with it! Desperate to take her out on the open road and just drive for miles :)
  • Fabulous afternoon drinks with Kathy, Trace and Cindy!  Turned into dinner and a late night.  We had so much fun and laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore.  Slept like a log.  We really should do it more often.
  • Sunday was a special one.  Alex is here from Durban and we had a really special time re-uniting and spending time together.  Rob's girls were so happy to see her.  We had a full day of prawns, decadent desserts and shared great memories.
  • Monday dawned and I am feeling really grotty.  A trip to the pharmacy for a counter full of meds, hot bath and early night.  Lot's to do this week, so no time for 'flu! Really hope I feel better tomorrow!
Wishing you all an awesome week!


Rebecca Lobb said...

Pics of the new baby in your life please!!!


Well dang, girl!!! You can't get yourself sick NOW!!!---there's a Mercedes just itching to get you out on the open road and drive.

Take it easy.

Your weekend sounds scrumptious.