Sunday, March 24, 2013

Autumn Days!

I love Autumn!  Fresh, crisp mornings and cool evenings!  The hectic heat of the summer is gentle now, and although the days are warm, they're not too hot.  This autumn week-end was a lovely one!  It started off with Human Rights Day on Thursday which broke the week!  We had a delicious lunch with Peter and Caryn - home-made beef curry, followed by freshly baked lemon meringue tartlets!  Lots of chatting and laughter.  Long over-due time spent with my cuz and his family!

Friday passed quickly - busy as a bee all day, I was pleased to see the end of it.  Was treated to a manicure and pedicure by Les and then we had friends for dinner!  Yummy, healthy wraps with all the trimmings, washed down with cool wine, good music and great company!

Saturday was a special one for me.  It was a day of reuniting with my "old"school friend, Kim.  We haven't seen each other in nearly 18 years.  She is visiting SA from Perth, while planning a sailing holiday with her family in the Seychelles.  We had a lovely day.  Reminiscing and catching up!  Remembering our youth as though it were yesterday.  I really am looking forward to her coming back in July!

Lazy Sunday mornings are the best!  I pottered around at home, watered the garden and got things ready for a short week.  Then it was off to lunch with my Aunt and Uncle and my dearest cousins, Shaun and Mark.  The absolute highlight of my day, was seeing Mark and Tracey's twin daughters, Taylor and Tenille.  What beautiful little girls they are.  So friendly, talkative and very well behaved!  I haven't seen them in a while.  They turned 5 last week and my word, they're practically ladies!


 I'm home now and it's drizzling softly outside.  Not a sound to be heard except for tiny raindrops falling on thirsty leaves.  It's a short week again :)  and on Thursday we're off to Ballito for the Easter week-end.  I'm looking forward to long walks on the beach, cocktails on the patio and paddling my feet in the warm Indian Ocean!


Firefly said...

Autumn is my fav time of year as well. Wish it could be like this for longer.


Those twins are precious!!!
Oh to have fun with a day of reminiscing with an old school chum....well, old as in from the past, not age of course. You two are much younger than I, and I have no right to call YOU old. Right? Never mind...I'm just babbling to myself I think.

But, what fun. And to know she's gonna return in July would be all the better. Another day of reminiscing.

Enjoy your Autumn weather Janet.

Rebecca Lobb said...

It's spring time here! Enjoy your Autumnal season!!!

cat said...

Oh you do sounds so well Janet (and look it). And is it not amazing how old friends just re connect and the years fall away.