Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blog Challenge – Post 8

A great place you've travelled to!

I was a late starter when it came to travelling outside of our country! My first trip across the borders was a wonderful holiday spent in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). That has to be Africa at its best! From gin & tonics at the old colonial Vic Falls hotel, white water rafting down the great Zambezi, to a leisurely cruise on the Malibezi Ferry, watching wild life playing on the banks! The Victoria Falls and the friendliness of the locals – it was a holiday to remember!

However, be it England (and a spooky walk in misty Weston-Supermare), or Denmark, Switzerland or Austria, the green, lush plantations of the Black Forest, my favourite place, has to be, Krakow in Poland. For a number of reasons:

  • My first white Christmas
  • A wonderful time with family and meeting new friends
  • A carol service, while the snow fell thick and heavy outside the window
  • My first try at tobogganing
  • Getting stuck in the snow at Zakopani
  • Our visit to the salt mines
  • My first Christmas market
  • A solemn, but meaningful visit to Aushwitz will never forget our walks through the streets, seeing the nativity scenes, all lit up, outside the locals homes, seeing the tiny flickering candle lights on the graves in the cemeteries – so lovingly placed there on All Saints Day, and kept alight until after Christmas! Laughing at the butcher, who, unable to speak English, told us that the only meat he had left after Christmas was "oink, oink"while he tapped his leg! J

Poland – a place full of hope, full of life and love, and full of wonderful memories!


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Oh my goodness - it seems so strange to read your first tobogganing,and your first time being stuck in snow. lol!

Your visit to Poland sounds awesome.

Firefly said...

I wish I would have the opportunity to visit Europe in winter somewhere in the future.

cat said...

It sounds fantastic