Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blog Challenge – Post 7

My favourite films!

I'm glad that is in the plural, because otherwise, I might have had a problem picking my favourite FILM!

It's no lie, I am crazy about musicals! I have a whole collection at home, that have taken me quite some time to gather together and I could watch them over and over again! Amongst my favourites, of course, are the old classics. Oklahoma, West Side Story, Oliver and of course, The Sound of Music! Then come the more modern versions with animation – Mary Poppins, which had a bit of both! Grease, Fame and later, Mama Mia! My list is endless!

I love the "happy place" they take me too!

Tomorrow I'm off to my "happy place"! Stacey, Brad and I are driving to Assegay bright and early! Alex turns 21 on Saturday, so we're going to her birthday party in Durban. P will join us on Saturday morning! Whoo Hoo! Looking forward to seeing my Dad, and introducing Pop to Stacey's man! Looking forward to our Road Trip!

See you on Monday!


cat said...

Enjoy your trip and I do think I need to send the Princess to you for a visit - the two of you would be enjoying your joint favorite movies together - she adores musicals

Firefly said...

Answering this one is a tough one. I am torn between, Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings and a bunch of other movies. But you get the idea.


first off, happy birthday to Alex. 21 huh? He finally caught up with you, right? LOL

As for your movie 'em all you listed. I would have to add the newest musical ... Phantom of the Opera [Gerard Butler, yum!!!] And on Christmas day here in the USA, another musical is opening at the theaters...Les Miserable with another 'hunk' --- the dude from the movie Australia-------what the heck is his name? I can't think of it now. DANG!!! But another yum. LOL

Have a great week ahead Janet.


Hugh Jackman!!!! Ya, that's the dude. Oh, be still my heart.

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

You named so many great ones. Our community players just put on Oklahoma this past spring. I am still raving about it:)