Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons come by so quickly – one minute it's Friday afternoon, and the excitement of a busy week-end looms and when you look again, it's Sunday afternoon.

The excitement of Rob and the girls for lunch – the giggling and arguing with their Dad about history, the noise and the banter! The television blaring in the background, playing the afternoons cricket match while no-one watches! Succulent roast chicken resting on the kitchen counter - P carving with the dogs at his feet, praying for a falling titbit! Eating and chatting at the dining room table, suddenly remembering to turn the modem off as it darkens, and the sky begins to groan gently, a thunder storm in the distance, making its way towards our area. Hearty lunch completed and mouths devour ice lollies!

And then it's time to go home! Bundled into the car before the storm comes, lots of loud goodbyes, and hugs and kisses. And an extra hug from Sinéad! Gates open, car pulls out and makes its way slowly down our narrow drive-way …

The gentle hum of the dishwasher, an empty sink with pots all washed – and the heavens open. Big, fat drops of rain plummet towards the earth, loud and fast. The sky becomes angrier and the thunder, rolling and heavy! Flashes of light shoot across the sky! I put the kettle on! Make a nice cup of Earl Grey tea, put my feet up and thank God for peace and quiet – the noises of nature silent in comparison!

A good week-end – time with friends, a gift of white roses, a fed and lazy puppy curled up on the dining room floor – a husband working quietly at his computer!

A gift of white roses!
Afternoon thundershower - so dark the automatic lights came on!
A sleeping puppy!
An empty sink and a clean kitchen!
Please let this last a while - I'm in no mood for Monday!


cat said...

The very perfect Sunday afternoon if you ask me,

Jenty said...

Sounds like it was a good weekend :)


...and it all sounds heavenly. Family friends pets good food fun and then the peace afterwards...bliss.

Nicky Contival said...

Love it!

Firefly said...

Our weekend was spent hiding indoors from the rain. We've had 985.4 mm so far this year.